An Animal's Eyes Have the Power to Speak a Unique Language.

 (Martin Buber)


As an internationally recognized eye doctor for animals (Diplomate ACVO/ECVO), I am specialized in the examination and therapy of eye diseases in dogs, cats, horses, birds, exotic species and livestock animals.
I am currently working as an in-patient doctor at the VET Zentrum AG in Pfungen and the Kleintierpraxis Letzi AG in Zürich.
For an appointment for your small animal, please contact the Vet Zentrum
or Kleintierpraxis Letzi
Horse consultations will take place at the Pferdeklinik Tierärzte Grossäcker or in your barn.
For an appointment, please contact the Pferdeklinik Tierärzte GrossäckerTieraeerzte Grossaecker or me
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for an appointment.